Why I went green

So… my first post. I’ve been wanting to start a blog to reflect my journey into the world of natural beauty for a while, and decided to make it a new year’s resolution, so here we go.

Firstly, the background stuff. My name is Andrea and I’m in my early thirties. I started going green/natural about 12 months ago, when a checkup for an auto-immune disease I had showed that my health wasn’t improving at all, despite other lifestyle changes I had made. At that time, a friend started running a few workshops on homemade skincare so I went along, did a ton of Internet surfing and decided to cut toxins out of my skincare practices. Why? Many of the chemicals used in regular skin, hair and beauty products have been linked to cancers, etc. The skin is the body’s biggest organ and apparently what goes on, goes in (I have zero medical knowledge/experience, nor have I bothered reading any academic articles on the topic, so don’t take what I’m saying as gospel). I figured I’d give it a go.

When I began I kind of went all in and crazy. Most people recommend gradually phasing the green in, replacing item by item as each product runs out. I decided to go completely DIY instead. I got a heap of butters, oils and castile soaps and went on my way. I’ve finally settled on using a number of clean, green brands with the odd DIY thrown in. This blog will include my reviews and a few “recipes” as I go.

A few things to note: my skin is oily/combination and can be very blemish prone. My hair is hard to categorize: oily scalp and dry ends, so I normally go for a normal product to balance it out. I have a very fair complexion, and being Australian and living under the hole in the ozone layer (yes, it’s a thing — here I feel my skin start to burn hanging out a load of laundry) I burn very easily.

Oh… to make this adventure even more exciting, I’m moving to Kazakhstan in a few weeks (as soon as visa paperwork is all sorted and processed) to a small city in the middle of a desert where I don’t know if I’ll be able to source any of my usual products (I’ve found one pharmacy online that seems to stock Weleda, but that’s about it so far) so I’ll possibly have to rely on ordering online, with an apparently very slow postal system.

Disclaimer: I’m not the best at being consistent. I hope I can update this every week, but we’ll see how long that lasts. Feel free to send me messages to remind me to post 🙂


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