Haul from NHW

The health food shop in my home town has 20% all its regular prices on the first Tuesday of the month, and due to my upcoming move to Kazakhstan, where I’m not expecting to be able to buy a lot of natural products, I went in yesterday and picked up a few items to take with me. Here’s what I got:


Weleda Skin Food — I had tested this out at a few different health food stores over the past few weeks and I really like the smell. Seeing as I’m moving to a desert that’s currently in subzero (Celsius) temperatures, I figure a really good moisturising cream was needed.

Weleda Plant Gel Toothpaste — I already have a few natural toothpastes I’ve picked up to take overseas, but I realised that none of them are under 100g/mL, and I need something on the plane with me. I picked this one up as it’s only 75g, and it looked nicer than their salt flavour and because I have no idea what ratanhia even is.

MooGoo Fresh Cream Deodorant x2 — as I mentioned in my review, I love this stuff and wanted to make sure I had backups. The one I’m currently using is practically empty, so one of these will be opened before I get on the plane.

Australia Bush Flower Essences — After reading Sarita’s posts on flower essences at Peace on the Skin & Peace Within and numerous other bloggers writing about Lotus Wei products, I became intrigued with this type of product. I decided to go with Australia Bush Flower Essences because my patriotism always kicks in stronger when I’m about to leave the country, I figure these might also help fight homesickness, and they have a wider range of remedies than Lotus Wei offers. I picked up Emergency, which is supposed to help calm anxiety, Travel, to help combat jet lag, and Abund, which encourages you to open your life to more opportunities. I’m still somewhat skeptical about whether these will actually do anything, but they still smell pretty, so I can at least use them as oils if nothing else. I’ll put up a post once I’m in Kazakhstan to share my thoughts on whether the jet lag was easier this time around from using the Travel essence.

I think I’ve now got most of the products I need (or think I need) before I relocate, although I’m bound to make a few more last minute purchases.


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