Hi! Welcome to my little corner of the Interwebz.

My name is Andrea and I’m an Aussie in my early thirties, but I’m about to move to Central Asia. Professionally, I’m an English & ESL teacher and linguist, but my interest in natural skin and beauty products developed during a year I took off work to study and focus on my health. The auto-immune disease I have had for at least two years is currently on its way out of my system (*fingers crossed* — based on my most recent test results) but I started looking into detoxifying my self-care regime in the hopes of making a difference to a disease that could only be “managed” by taking corticosteroids to which I reacted very badly. Whether or not green beauty actually contributed to the improvement in my health is unclear, but I feel better physically and emotionally for having made the switch.

I’ve called this blog “soul + heart beauty” because I believe that true beauty starts within and requires self-love and acceptance, and that the natural ingredients in the products I use and the stories behind their creators show both soul and heart.


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